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Zones & Directions

All in all, there are 16 zones as per the Vastu science; with each of them governing different aspects of your existence. Therefore, if you want to look at the blueprint of your well-being, then you need to look into these zones and directions quite seriously. Also, did you know that each of your emotions is governed by the 16 Vastu zones? All these zones have been derived from Vedic Vastu Shastra. However, they have been modified to suit the modern needs of buildings.

Each of the zones and directions is governed by an element and has unique effects and attributes. You need to understand which of these zones or directions are useful to your building and take suitable actions. This is where an expert Vastu services provider like Vastuheals can help! We will not only help you get familiarized with different zones and directions as prescribed by Vastu Science but also suggest zones and directions that will prove beneficial for all your endeavors.