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Vastu Rectification without Demolition

The ancient Indian Vastu Shastra clearly states the presence of ‘Vastupurusha’ in all pieces of land, albeit in a spiritual form. Though it can’t see anything, it can listen to all conversations that happen in the house and it continuously blesses the dwellers. This is the reason why it is suggested that one should not talk negative or try passing negative energies within the confines of a house. In fact, the more positive you are and positive energies you try to spread, the better it is for you and your co-dwellers.

If someone, for some reason, tries to employ a hammer in breaking a house, the ‘Vastupurusha’ will feel uneasiness and some pain. This will, in turn, lead to Vastu Bhang Dosha or in simple terms an inauspicious dosha.

So, Sonal V Singla highly recommends that one should not demolish a home or any place of living for that matter to help rectify the Vastu defects. In fact, she believes that there are many remedies that can be employed for rectifying Vastu problems and make the place suitable for peaceful living without ever resorting to any demolition works.

So, how are Vastu rectification works carried out without any demolition works? The answer to this question lies in treating the imbalances present in your structures through various means, including objects, elements, and colors. Vastuheals will work closely with you in finding the right elements and colors for your space. We will also program your space so that it is Vastu compliant.

Among different areas in your space that plays a vital role in defining Vastu is the entrance. It is possible to rectify any imbalance the entrance of your space has without you requiring to indulge in demolition works. We, at Vastuheals, employ only the tried and tested scientific methods and procedures to ensure your place is fully Vastu compliant and the concerns of the dwellers are put to rest once and for all.

Color therapy works in close relation with Vastu remedies. It is important to understand that the universe comprises of five elements – Air, Water, Space, Earth, and Fire. So, every Vastu remedial action you go ahead with the need to consider these elements to ensure your place is Vastu compliant. It is also worth remembering here that each of these elements has a special attribute. For example, water is represented by blue/black color and it indicated flow and represents north direction. Also, did you know that these zones also dictate opportunities and flow of money for you?

Vastuheals will ensure there will not be any anti-colors that could create any sort of imbalance in your space. It could be anything like earth element and yellow color, fire element and red color, and so on. When imbalances exist in your space, it can easily lead to the destruction of opportunities and flow of money in the life of the resident. This also indicates how important colors are in your life!

Programming your space becomes extremely important if you want it to be Vastu compliant. This is where Vastuheals can help you. We will place appropriate sculptures, paintings, or symbols in their respective zones to ensure negative energies will not remain in your space and that you can work towards achieving desired results without any hassle.

Therefore, if you contact us with your Vastu requirements, we can definitely say that Vastu rectification without demolition is very much possible and we will prove it to you as well!