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Vastu Compatibility

Vastu compatibility services of Vastuheals are extremely beneficial for checking your compatibility status with respect to your house, business, and workplace. This compatibility check is carried out against your favorable colors, unfavorable colors, favorable directions, unfavorable directions, lucky number, and directions for health, relation, and study.

Vastuheals will provide personalized Vastu compatibility chart after taking into considerations various influences in your life, both that are favorable and unfavorable, and in accordance with your date of birth. When a personalized chart has been prepared for you, you’re provided with your favorable influences, like numbers, colors, and directions. Therefore, whenever you indulge in activities like purchasing a plot, studying, etc, you can refer to your chart and make informed decisions. The Vastu compatibility chart is also highly beneficial for analyzing a house floor plan and decides on the positioning of the main entrance and other areas of your house.

Did you know Vastu compatibility charts can be prepared for you on different aspects of your life, like health, wealth, business, workplace/office, and education? To find out more on these compatibility charts and other details, contact Vastuheals today!