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Placement of Pyramids

In Vastu science, pyramids are considered extremely powerful and hence, they should be used wisely and with lots of respect. When these pyramids are properly attuned and aligned, can emit a feeling of balance, equilibrium, and transcendence.

Did you know that pyramids act like an antenna to attract cosmic energy? This energy form is basically a combination of several electromagnetic cosmic waves that are present in the universe. These waves get absorbed by the pyramid and generate them.

What are pyramids useful? They are used for enhancing energy flow and can help revitalize areas that are governed by chaos, dullness, lack of vitality, negativity, etc. One needs to attune pyramids to fully experience its presence and effects. Did you know that pyramids are in connection with 5 elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether?

Vastuheals understands the significance of pyramids and will assist you in placing them in such a way that you’ll get maximum benefits from them. For example, when you place the pyramids in each of your rooms, they’ll help destroy all the negative energies that have been created by Fridge, TV, Grinder, Washing Machine, etc. Also, when you place them on your office table, they’ll help you have a clear, steady, and strong frame of mind. When you place them on the painful areas of your body, you can expect to get faster relief, and so on