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Follow these vastu tips to reduce indoor pollution

The pollution levels of Delhi and surrounding areas have shocked the nation again this year! Since we cannot control weather conditions outside, we can do take some steps to minimise indoor pollution. Apart from air purifying indoor plants, there are few Vastu tips too that will take care of the negative imbalances and pollution levels inside your house!
1.Mop floor with salt water.
It is a very effective way to get rid of pollution inside your home. Add some salt in the water to mop the floor. If you have a wooden floor, do not worry, this mix will brighten up the floor instead and if you have a tile flooring, it will keep fresh and clean for a long time.
2.air purifying plants
Nature has its own way to provide us protection. Get home air-purifying plants and reduce the effect of pollution in your home. Out of many such plants, money plant, snake plant, aloe vera, Chinese evergreen and peace Lily are available in abundance. 3. place two tulsi plants in kitchen
Apart from removing negative energies, Tulsi also provides relief from respiratory disorders. Also, this will be a great installation due to the spiritual significance.
4.a picture of flower in the kitchen
It is from the kitchen that the energies spread in the entire house. It is always advisable to put up pictures in this area that are bright and positive. You can try a picture of bright-coloured flowers.
5. keep humidity between 30% to 50 %
This will limit the growth of mold and the presence of dust mites that pollute the air. Some molds produce allergens and mycotoxins – they can have adverse health effects, ranging from allergic reactions (like a stuffy or runny nose, or eye and skin irritations) to asthma attacks, depending on the exact type and amount of mold, and the sensitivity of those exposed. This is true even in non-allergic people