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Vastu Shastra benefits the medical field too! Whether it is a medical room in a hospital or a chemist shop, there is so much to gain through our Vastu services. For example, the medical room is an area that is equipped and staffed for the reception and treatment of people that are in need of urgent care and attention. You’ll also not be surprised to see some homes having a separate private medical room for residents that need constant medical attention. All these places can be incorporated with lots of positive energies once they are freed from negative forces Here too Vastu services of Vastuheals can play its part.

Here are some benefits of Vastu arrangement for the medical field:

  • Positive environment

  • Quick recovery time

  • Feel good environment

Here are some things to be considered for Vastu Shastra medically:

  • Healing paintings

  • Location of windows

  • Entrance to the room

  • Electric panel & AC room

  • Surrounding of the medical room

  • Prayer area location of electric panel

  • Location of bed and the position of bed

  • Washroom location

  • Place of storage for medicines