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When we consider the Vastu of a living space, we want to make sure it works for all-round prosperity and good health. This is exactly the reason why when constructing a new house; we want to make sure that it adheres to rules of Vastu. It is only when these rules are met, you can be sure of attaining Progress, Peace, and Prosperity. When a structure is constructed, whether it is your home, office, or anything else, in accordance with Vastu principles, you’ll be bestowed with health, harmony, and wealth.

Normally, when the Vastu principles are followed to the core, the occupants of the house that have been suffering from some defect or prolonged illness gets cured immediately. In most of these cases, all one needs to do is alter the directions.

Almost every house you come across has one or other Vastu defect. This could be a possible reason behind the prolonged illness of people living in those houses. Whether the occupants of those houses are aware of this or not, it is important that Vastu defects are dealt with appropriately to ensure that the sufferings are ended without further extension.

There are houses that inherit certain diseases or medical conditions among the residents due to the wrong direction of the construction. It is only Vastu remedial measure that can put an end to these worries. In fact, Vastu measures are guaranteed to provide you solutions for combating chronic diseases and enabling a quick recovery.

There are some prescribed norms in Vastu that when followed will help the residents achieve good health. Given below are some of these principles:

  • You should always sleep with your head facing East or South

  • Your kitchen should ideally be located in South-east

  • You should never be sleeping or sitting under an exposed beam

  • Green color is the most suited one in North-east

  • The best direction for flowing  water is North-east

  • It is not advised to grow bamboo in the home, etc.

Vastuheals is a Delhi-based Vastu services provider that can work closely with you in providing solutions to ensure healthy living is promoted in your space. Contact us to find out more about our offerings.