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Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress refers to problems or sufferings created by the earth. While ‘Geo’ refers to Earth, ‘Pathos’ refers to suffering. When one suffers due to negative energies or forces generated by earth, your health gets impacted first up. The geo-stress or geopathic stress is a direct result of natural radiation that rises up through the earth but gets interfered by weak electromagnetic fields that are, in turn, generated by underground cavities, fault lines, certain mineral concentrations, subterranean running water, etc.

When the wavelength of natural radiation emitted by earth gets disturbed, it becomes extremely harmful to living beings. Some of these disturbances are man-made, like foundations of tall buildings, mining, public utilities like water, sewage, etc and underground transport systems. When the electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic field of humans get disturbed by natural radiation, it harms each and every one of us.

This is when you’ll feel the need to opt for Geopathic stress relieving services from Vastu experts or proponents. Vastuheals has been providing these Vastu services for a long time and understands all the nuances associated with this stress form. When you contact us for these services, you can rest assured of getting free from all kinds of physical and mental ailments that have been caused due to geopathic stress. This is our promise to you!