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Gems are believed to possess earth energy that allows us, individuals, to stay calm and ensure that the entire family stays together and love each other’s closeness. As the gems are made of earth, they will heal, nourish, bind, and soothe everyone.

For Vastu corrections, gemstones are ideal because they are a result of nature’s dynamic processes. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the energy of the elements is incorporated in gemstones that make them perfect for different Vastu arrangements.

Gemstones are basically recommended based on your astrological sign. They are also recommended in Vedic astrology as they are believed to dispel negative energy. According to Vastu science, wearing a particular gemstone based on the horoscope will bring in harmony and ensure the prosperity of life in the given living space. The general belief is that wearing a gemstone will ensure a successful career, bring in good luck, and fetch all-around happiness.

You need to verify whether the gemstone is original or not before buying it. This is because the market of today is flooded with loads of stones that do not provide any remedial action to you and are basically artificial. Remember, an original Vastu gem is not found in every shop you come across in the market. Also, these gems are not polished and are quite expensive. Furthermore, these gemstones need cosmic energy to ensure our progressive success and help stabilize our mind.

All in all, there are eight directions in Vastu and a center that are governed by different planets.

Gems and Directions:

Crystal – East

Emerald – West

Blue Sapphire – South

Pearl – North

Ruby – Center

Crystal – North East

Hessonite – North West

Yellow Sapphire – South West

Coral – South East