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Earth Energies

Earth is the ground for the manifestation of all desires of Param Atma (Universal Consciousness) through h Atma (Human Consciousness). To get our core desire or purpose manifested, nature is supposed to act like a manager, facilitating important conditions and powers. Did you know that earth is encircled by both vertical and horizontal lines, thus creating a sort of energy grids?

These energy grids are nothing but mandalas, as coined by Hindu alchemists. They further discovered the importance of using individual mandalas for addressing specific problems.

It has been seen that a vast majority of people after shifting to new premises face unique problems surrounding their health, family, education, business, traveling, children, etc. All these problems, whether you already know or not, are due to Electronic Magnetic Radiation / Electronic Magnetic Frequency / Geopathic effect. A lot also depends on the energy generated by the plot or Earth.

The aim of Vastuheals is to help you absorb all the ‘prana’ or the positive energy generated by the earth throughout the day and make it beneficial to your health and body.