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Cosmic Corrections

As you may be aware, Vastu is a science that deals with energy flow, magnetic vibratory force, and architecture. Also, Vastu takes into account five elements, namely Water, Earth, Sky, Wind, and Fire. Vastu’s principles, therefore, is dependent on how these five elements are balanced.

Vastu is a science that deals with balancing cosmic energy field levels of House, Temple, Factory, Office, Plot, etc. Therefore, Cosmic corrections taken will have to take into specific surroundings and enable people living in them to have growth socially, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. This will, in turn, help them lead the life towards overall prosperity and happiness.

Our cosmic correction services will mean you’ll have your house redesigned or constructed after taking into account various principles of Vastu Shastra. All this will be done to ensure that your life and that of other residents will be transformed for good. Therefore, when you contact us for cosmic correction methods, you can be sure of having peace of mind, wealth, and good health. In other words, no evil forces will ever be able to have their adverse impact on you and your fellow dwellers.

The principles of Vastu that Vastuheals will employ for you will ensure there is a cosmic influence of the Sun, including its heat and light, the magnetic field of the earth, influence of the cosmos, the direction of the wind, and various planets in your favor.