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In Vastu, chakras are used for balancing universal energies and enhancing their benefits in a workplace and home. Vastu chakras are a system that is simple yet powerful. This system is such that it will help you reap maximum benefits by managing energies and directing the influences of five elements, directions, geometries, chakras, planets, and other tools.

As we all know, the universe is made up of five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. All these elements, as well as their energies, reside inside us as well as human dwellings. According to Vastu Shastra that is derived from the ancient Vedas, there is Vastu Purush, the god of construction and structures in every dwelling. There are different energies associated with different chakras and elements residing in various locations and directions in a human dwelling. To ensure you get optimal results through these energies, you need to allocate each area or corner of your dwelling for a particular activity.

Vastuheals will guide you in understanding chakras better and use them wisely for your benefits. We can assure you of reaping maximum energies through these chakras so you can have peace of mind, irrespective of where you’re based.