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Like any other energy form, Aura, also called bio-energy is not visible to the naked eye. In simple terms, Aura can be defined as a light energy that is emitted from inanimate and animate objects. Aura readers like Vastuheals use their third eye in detecting this form of energy.

We use Kirlian photography for seeing the light energy. This technology is also referred to as PIP or Poly Interference Photography. Through this photography technique, we can see a healthy man being surrounded by VIBGYOR colors in the form of perfect circles. These circles are photographed for determining their visual quality.

Not many people know this, but there are articles in our house that regularly sap our energy causing us several health problems. These articles could be anything, like kitchenware, Yantras, dolls, skins, antiques, etc. Our Vastu Aura services are directed towards negating the influences these articles can have on your health. Thus, you can be sure of getting peace of mind and harmony at your place.