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Alliance & Aura Compatibility

Every person in this world, no matter who he/she is, has an aura. This aura can get affected by wearing certain gems/jewelry. Sometimes, this can also get affected due to sleeping in a zone that is prone to geopathic stress. There is a scanner available with Vastuheals using which it is possible to detect the compatibility between an individual and a particular object, like a gadget, machinery, vehicle, etc. Similarly, this scanner can be used for detecting the compatibility between two or more people, which becomes essential in marriages, business associations, etc.

Our Alliance and Aura compatibility services will check for positive and negative energies and based on this, the attraction and repulsion of the scanner will provide solutions in the form of compatibility results. Our scanner is also useful in finding hidden items also. It is also possible to detect aura energy of your living place as well and determine if it is adequate or not.

Using our services for checking alliance and aura compatibility, it is possible to determine the suitability/compatibility of various crystals and gems for any person and then suggest a more appropriate crystal or gem that will do only good to them.