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As we all know, agriculture is dependent on different elements of nature and as such, the principles of Vastu Shastra is applicable on it. Therefore, if you’re contemplating choosing an agricultural land, sowing the seeds, or building a farm-house, then it is important that you consider the principles of Vastu Shastra seriously and apply them wisely. When you do so, the results can be pretty impressive as far as the production from the land is concerned.

Here are some Vastu suggestions for those looking to work on an agricultural land:

1. If you were to construct a road on the agricultural land then make sure it is not at its South end.

2. If you were to construct slopes on your agricultural land then it is preferable to have them towards the North or the East directions. They shouldn’t be towards the South or West directions at any cost.

3. You shouldn’t construct passages that will link two agricultural lands.

4. It is beneficial to plant tall trees on the South or West sides of the agricultural land.

5. You should always follow the East-West direction for sowing any crop on your agricultural land as they’ll receive adequate sunlight.

There are many such Vastu suggestions available that when followed religiously can easily fetch you good dividends. We suggest you contact Vastuheals to know more about the Vastu principles that govern your agricultural land. They’ll certainly benefit you!